Ethics at work and building relationships

At DwernickiEstate, we realize that ethics is key in running a company and in cooperation with clients, which consists of building relationships based on
trust . For it to happen, respect is needed, both on the part of the seller and the customer. Our team consists of trustworthy people. In 2018, for
publishing houses “Personnel and Management”; Dorota Dwernicka, who is a business trainer, but also held the position of HR Business Partner , e.g. in Dzinga, gave an interview on recruitment. Her answers were presented in the article “ The surprising power of questions – recruiting employees “. She told us what we try to pay attention to when selecting colleagues and business partners. These tips are useful in recruitment processes and everyday conversations, thanks to which we decide whether we want to carry out a project with someone or not, because, for example, we have different goals or a different value system.

Here is the link to part of the article:

Dorota supports recruitment processes and is an ethical direct sales trainer, at Dwernicki Estate she also cares about the professionalism of contacts with the client.

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