We are training!

At DwernickiEstate, we understand how important development is. We regularly improve our competences by taking part in various courses. Our qualified staff also conducts training, e.g. for people from related industries and companies with whom we cooperate. We know how much we can learn by teaching others. We are happy to share our practices based on respect, trust, professionalism and passion.

The following examples will bring you closer, among others our story.

Currently (2020-2021) our key customer service specialist and business trainer Dorota Dwernicka runs the Development Academy for employees of mDevelopment from Białystok, a developer who is a leader on the Podlasie market. We cannot wait for mDevelopment to propose its investments in the Krakow market, because their projects are not only beautiful, functional, ecological and economic, but also highly praised by their existing clients. Dorota draws inspiration for the implementation of subsequent training topics, among others from the latest research results on the real estate market as well as trends, the source of which is e.g. on the OtoDom website, we also use the services of the company on a daily basis. The topics covered include, for example, the basics of professional customer service, time and goals management at work, or effective communication.


In October 2019, Dorota Dwernicka shared her knowledge and experience by conducting training for archichitects from the School of the Luxury Academy of Architecture and Art Ewelina Tomiczek. This time the topic of the meeting was: “10 universal and fundamental principles in business”, principles that guide us at DwernickiEstate. Dorota developed these principles on the basis of her 20 years of professional experience, which helped her achieve above-average results on an international scale, e.g. 1st place in a sales competition in EMEA countries. We are convinced that it is worth using them in order to work and cooperate with greater pleasure and more efficiently. Here are these 10 rules:

  1. Be proactive (think, act, take responsibility)
  2. Wanna and let you care (whatever you’ve decided to do)
  3. Prepare yourself (for every meeting if possible)
  4. Start optimistically and persevere in this attitude
  5. Try not to use the word “no”, focus on what you can
  6. Discipline yourself in implementing your action plan
  7. Help others and involve others in helping you
  8. Take feedback
  9. Follow your predefined rules
  10. Ask “Is there anything else?”


Dorota ran the so-called soft training also for employees of such companies as:

TMSys – a company selling, among others software for architects.

Ursa – a company selling, among others building insulation materials.

Hoval – a company selling, among others solutions in the field of heating, ventilation and recuperation for industry, commercial and public construction.

PKO Bank Polski – a bank offering, among others loans for the purchase of real estate

Electrolux – a company offering, among others household appliances for equipping real estate

PGE – a company providing energy, among others for real estate

HellermannTyton – supplier of products, incl. for bundling, fastening, protecting, insulating, connecting, marking and installing wires and cables

Keller – a company offering, among others geotechnical technologies


We invite you to use our services, both as a real estate broker and as a training company in the area of ​​soft skills.

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