Toronto real estate market

Spending holidays in various parts of Poland and the world, we are happy to check the real estate market. Since we have a family in Toronto and we come here particularly often, this market is especially close to us. The most beautiful and at the same time the most expensive apartments have a beautiful view of the CN Tower and Lake Ontario, and if someone would like to have a view of Niagara Falls, then the Hilton hotel provides such an attraction. We are looking further for an investor gem, but with the real estate bubble currently inflated, where Toronto beats world records, it won’t be easy.


In order to better understand what our clients are guided by when making decisions about the purchase of real estate, we are happy to discuss these topics with people from Poland and abroad. Our good friend, who has been traveling professionally around the world for many years, told us that if he were to stay somewhere longer, he would choose Krakow. We asked. Maybe he wanted to please us with this answer, but nevertheless we asked why? He said he felt safe here, especially after his recent visits to London and Paris.


Willing to get to know the needs and possibilities of our clients even better, we are happy to get to know with the results of nationwide research and those dedicated to the Krakow market. Which does not change the fact that every time we meet a new person, we try our best to understand their expectations and perspective so that we can propose the best solutions for them.


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